top web development companies in nigeria

Top Web Development companies in Nigeria

Are you looking for the Top Web Development Companies in Nigeria?

As a company or an individual seeking to hire the best web development company in Nigeria, this guide will help you make the right decision.

What do top Web Development companies in Nigeria do? What type of services do they provide?

Web Developers and Software Developers are responsible for the research, design, and development of computer and network software or utility programs by applying principles of computer science, mathematics, and engineering. 

Web Development companies are made up of developers or programmers who build websites, and computer programs which are seen in the software and apps we use on our computers and mobile devices respectively.

These web and software developers use programming languages such as Python, Javascript, C++, SQL, and CMS platforms to create websites and software.

To hire the best web/software developers, you have to examine the services these Top Web Developers in Nigeria offers.

1. Front End Development

Front End development involves designing and developing the interactive part of a software, website, or mobile app. Front-end developers use HTML, CSS, and Javascript to build the part that the user can see and interact with.

2. Backend development

Unlike front-end developers who work on the client side of a website or app, back-end developers work on the server side which users cannot see.

This server-side forms the backbone of many websites and apps. Back-end developers use programming languages like Python, PHP, and Java and also MySQL and MongoDB for Databases.

3. Full stack development

Full stack development involves frontend and backend development combined.

If you are looking to Hire the best web development company in Nigeria, going for a full-stack development package is advisable.

4. User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX)

Developing a product that will attract users requires a good UI/UX design

A UI/UX designer is different from a front-end developer, although a front-end developer will need a knowledge of UI/UX.

UI involves the design of the interface of a product. This is the graphical aspect of a website, mobile app, and devices which the user interacts with.

UX design involves the experience the user has with a product. 

5. Mobile development

If you run a business and you want to expand to mobile users, you definitely need to create a mobile app.

Mobile development is the design and development of apps that are used on our mobile phones, smartphones, and tablets.

6. API Integrations

Application Programming Interface (API) enables interaction between applications, data, and devices. API integration makes it possible to connect two or more applications to share data.

7. Database Development 

Database Development is designing and creating databases to help businesses stay organized and use their data effectively.

What steps do the best web development companies follow during the web development lifecycle?

Web developers follow some steps to develop websites, software, and apps – This is called a web development life cycle.

Web development life cycles are made up of six basic processes web developers use to build high-quality software.

1. Planning

Like every other web project, planning is the first step to building websites/software. Planning helps to define the purpose and scope of software and also to identify the risks associated with the project.

2. Requirement Analysis

Defining the requirements is the second phase in the web development lifecycle. Here, the developers analyze and determine what the software is meant to do and what it requires to develop them. This analysis includes identifying the resources that are needed to build and deploy the project

3. Design

After the requirements have been identified, a design is proposed and documented. The design of the software or app is an architectural process where the developers map out the technical specifications that are needed to build the software to its requirements.

The design phase will include the website/software architecture, the UI/UX, the programming language, and the communication methods.

4. Development

This web development phase is where the actual line of code is written. Here, the software company applies all their development services as listed above to build the software, website, or app according to the design parameters.

5. Testing

This is the phase where the software developer tests the product to ensure it works according to plan. These tests are carried out to identify defects and ensure the software is free from bugs that affect its performance.

6. Deployment and maintenance

Once the testing phase is completed, the software/app can now be deployed for use by the consumers. This deployment, therefore, creates the need for maintenance.

How to hire the best web development company in Nigeria – Step-wise guide

Getting a top web development company in Nigeria might seem like a daunting task considering the fact that some of these companies have to be scrutinized to understand how they work.

Hiring the wrong web developer will cost you your time and money. This is why it is important to consider some important details before signing the agreement. 

Here is how to hire the best web development company in Nigeria.

1. Define the Kind of developer you need

From the web development services listed above, you might want to define the one that you need the most for your idea. Some of the leading web developers specify in Full stack development, Database development, Mobile development, or Cloud computing.

When hiring, you have to look for developers that are smart and excellent at problem-solving. This means you have to go through their portfolio and client testimonials.

2. Place a Job Listing

After you have defined the type of developers you need, you should post a job listing with a winning job description.

This can be easily achieved as there are platforms that can help you do this, which include LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Toptal, Upwork, etc.

You can also look out for Developer Communities like GitHub, Stack Overflow, freeCodeCamp, etc to find developers.

In the job descriptions, make sure to highlight every detail you want the developers to bear in mind.

3. Interview Process

In case you are the busy type, allow your human resources team to get this done for you.

You should conduct an interview to access the software development company to ensure their services match the job description.

Once the interview is complete, you can now communicate your project details to the web development company.

What is the average cost of hiring the best web development company in Nigeria, how do they break down the cost?

Whether you are on a tight budget or have all the money to spend, it’s important to know how much it costs to hire the Top Web Development Companies in Nigeria.

According to Glassdoor, the average cost of hiring a web developer in Nigeria is about N150,000 per month 

Some leading web developers in Nigeria can charge as high as N300,000 per month.

Top 5 Website development companies in Nigeria

1. Elevatals

Elevatals is a Digital Agency that helps business to build a strong digital presence. Elevatals builds websites using WordPress and other CMS platforms and also drives leads to these websites with digital marketing solutions such as SEO, link building, and quality content marketing.

2. CKDigitals

CKDigitals is a Web Design and Digital Marketing Agency that helps companies achieve success online. CKDigitals has been in the Web design and development industry for more than 10 years.

3. Socialander

Socialander is a leading web development service provider in Nigeria. The team has a reputation for scaling businesses.

4. Anakle

Anakle is a Digital Agency that builds experiences for online and offline audiences. Their services include web development and digital marketing.

5. TopYouGo

TopYouGo is one of the digital Agencies that offer web development services in Nigeria and result-driven marketing services.

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