9 Skills to Boost your CV and Get a Job

Do you want to boost your CV?

Am tired of hearing people say:

Bullshit, I didn’t get this job.

You know why the employer didn’t choose you? That’s because you are not up to his standard. You don’t have the skills he wanted in your CV.

It’s time to boost your CV.

I know you will like to get jobs constantly especially if you are a freelancer or if you are looking for employment.

Let me tell you the fact.

If you like, put on the best dressing you have to attend an Interview, it doesn’t matter to the employer.

Even if you are the most educated, have you first class degree and masters degree, employers don’t care about that.

Even in Nigeria, I have heard of people who committed suicide, just because they couldn’t get a job from a particular company.

However, that’s why I came up with this article to tell you the skill you need to learn to boost your CV and also increase your chance of getting a job.

But wait! Do you even know what a CV is?

A CV is an acronym for Curriculum Vitae.

According to Wikipedia, it is an overview of a person’s experience and other qualifications for an employment or job opportunity.

In other words, you can also interchange it a “resume” (although CV is more detailed).


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9 skills that will boost your CV and increase your chances of getting a job

 Boost your CV

1.  Computer Operation

This skill is important if you really want to boost your CV

If you want to be civilized, learning how to use a computer is very crucial.

We are living in a world where almost everything is done with the computer.

You need the knowledge of computer to browse the internet, send, receive and also process information.

The most surprising part of it is that JAMB has adopted the “Computer Based Test” and WAEC is still considering it.

Many people failed JAMB exam as a result of little or no knowledge about computer operation.

How to get started

It’s simple.

For me, I learnt it the hard way. Nobody taught me how to operate a computer. I just learnt it when I go to the cyber café to browse on the internet.

If you want to learn it the easy way, you have to enrol yourself in computer training school.

It’s not costly. Most Computer training centres charge N5k per month and they will teach you all you need to know about the computer and how you can make good use of it.


2. Graphics Design

Employers won’t think twice if you have designing skills. A design is a sign of creativity. Learn it and boost your CV.

With the number of functions increasing, there is a high demand for graphic designers.

Learning graphic designing is not just a skill; it’s also a way of making money.

Most graphic designers charge more than 50k for a work they can just do within 3 days.

How to get started

Graphic designing courses are also taught at computer training centres in Nigeria which will cost you a token.

If you want to learn on your own, there are so many resources out there. My favourite is YOUTUBE.

Also, you can search for graphic designing courses on YouTube and spend your time and watch them or download them to watch later.

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3. Catering

If you don’t know, catering is one of the most wanted services in the society.

Have you ever gone for a wedding program or graduation and other functions and there was no food served? That’s impossible.

Food is one of the most important needs of man. Everybody eats every day. So learning this skill can open great opportunities for you.

Even if you are a boy, you can still learn catering. Let’s stop living in the illusion that “only ladies belong to the kitchen”.

How to get started

Start from your home. You have a mother who can teach you. You can also go to your neighbours and learn from them.

Also, you can start learning from YouTube.

4. Tailoring

If you come to my neighbourhood, this is one of the most wanted skills. Every street you enter is filled with tailoring shops that deal on boxers, singlet, and other clothes.

How to get started

Go to the nearest tailoring shop and ask them if they can teach you.  Be serious about it. If possible, pay them.

5. Driving

This is one of the skills you can learn to boost your CV.

I know one day you may have your own car and this is where this skill will be beneficial to you.

Driving is not hard to learn as people think. Most people have this fear of accident or death or any other thing. But let me advise you. If you still have that fear, then don’t think about driving.

How to get started

To get started, you need courage and boldness. You need to suppress your fear.

However, there are many accredited driving schools out there. It’s usually a four months training. 

But the truth is you can learn it within a month if you can learn faster. After your training, you will be given your driver’s licence.

After your training, you will be given your driver’s licence.

6. Mechanic Skill

I know you’ll probably laugh. But if you have this skill in your CV, you will open more opportunities for yourself.

If there are no mechanics, then who will be servicing our vehicles or repairing generators. You can learn this even without studying mechanical or automobile engineering.

How to get started

Go to a mechanic shop and tell them you want to learn the skill. They will willingly accept you as far as you have the money to pay.

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7. Photography

Many people think that as far as you have a phone that can take photos, then you are already a photographer.

That’s a fatal lie.

If that’s through, why won’t couples call you to be their wedding photographer?

In other words, there is still more you need to know about photography that just snapping with your phone.

How to get started

If you really want to learn this skill you need a camera, not a phone. You can buy Canon or Nikon cameras at a cheaper rate in Nigeria.

Also, download tutorials from YouTube and attend photography webinars.

If you want to learn more about photography, follow TY Bello on Instagram – She’s one of the best photographers in Nigeria.


8. How to sell a product

Can you convince someone to buy a product or service? Then add it to your CV.

Employers look out for people who have selling skills to be in their marketing department.

How to get started

Practice how to do it.

It will take time but you just have to practice it.

If possible, buy a product and resell it within 48 hours. If you can do this, then you are good to go.


9. How to communicate

Being able to communicate well is a skill you should never joke with.

Communication is the key to convince potential customers to buy your products.

If you can communicate well, then you can sell any product at any time comfortably. But if you can’t communicate, you will find it difficult to get sales.

How to get started

Start by reading books and conversing with people constantly. This can be done through phone calls, chatting on social media etc.

Also, you cannot elude content and email marketing especially if you are into internet marketing.

You need to write quality contents that have the power to convince people to buy your product. You need to have a blog and Email marketing account to do this.



Finally, many new freelancers working in Fiverr, Upwork etc find it difficult to get jobs from those platforms. If you are one of them, acquire more skills that will help you land any type of job.

Moreover, I believe I have unleashed the secret behind employers rejecting your job application. Try your best to learn these skills.


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