How to Make Money Blogging in 2023

Can I make money blogging?

That’s one of the frequently asked questions in the blogging industry by new bloggers. And I want to answer that question.

YES! You can.

If you aren’t blogging, then you should also have in mind the countless opportunities you are missing out to earn a good income.

It is a fast-growing Multi-million Dollar Industry.

You might have heard of big names like Neil Patel, Harsh Agrawal, Pat Flynn, and Darren Rowse who are all big-time professionals in blogging and also earning a full-time income from their blogs.

These professionals I mentioned earlier might have put in much effort consistently for years to reach that status, but as a beginner who wishes to make money blogging, I have compiled 11 Little-Known techniques you can use to make a good and steady income from your blog.

Most Bloggers only have a hope of earning from Google Adsense which pays you based on ads-clicks from your visitors but are only disappointed when either their application is disapproved, banned or not making any reasonable Income from it. Sure, a lot of people earn it big from such programs but you should be ready to have a steady stream of traffic to earn a good amount of money from it.

Is it Possible to earn from my blog if I have low traffic to my blog?


Let’s jump right in.

Make Money Blogging

1. Blog Setup Services

Do you know that many people out there would love to have a blog of their own if only they knew how to set it up and make it professional?

You can move in to help them with a fee. The advantage of this method of income is that you can find willing customers both online and offline.

I do get enquiries from people and businesses that I meet physically demanding for a blog at any cost. They would consistently demand for the service that I’ll have to squeeze out time to attend to them.

And the interesting part

 They pay is always handsome.

You can apply the same method in your online business.

Just create a “Hire Me” page and include blog setup and customization services as one of the services you offer. Watch, and you’ll be surprised to see the skill you so easily despise print cash for you. But be sure your work is of a standard quality to build trust.

You can set up blogs using Blogger or WordPress.

But I will encourage you to go for WordPress because that’s what I am using to build this blog and it’s the best so far.

Use NameCheap to buy your domain name and Bluehost or Siteground as your web host.

 (I will get a commission if you purchase through the links above)

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2. Freelancing

You can make money blogging by rendering freelancing services.

Have you ever heard of Okon Joseph?

He is a known freelancer in the blogging industry who makes money by writing an article for blogs and companies. You can start making money like him.

Your Blog can act as a means of rendering freelancing services online.

Freelancing in simple terms is offering services without being an employee to a person or company.

Blogs such as is a typical example of a blog the owner created with the sole aim of rendering his freelancing services.

You can also kick off your freelancing career with these platforms

  • Fiverr
  • Freelancer
  • People per hour
  • Truelancer
  • Content mart 

3. Sponsored Posts

You can make money blogging by accepting sponsored posts.

Do you actually know what Linda Ikeji charges for sponsored posts?

She charges at least 50 thousand Naira for sponsored posts that will only last for a few hours on the front page (Because she posts a lot of articles in a day. Probably more than 20)

Sponsored Articles or posts are simply paid articles that are published on your blog.

It is also a good and relatively easy way to make money from your blog because advertisers are always looking for blogs with a handful of targeted visitors (high traffic) because it is fast becoming a cost-effective method of marketing their business.

Have a “Sponsor a Post” page on your blog. Within the page, in a few words, you convince your potential clients why they should do business with you. Sponsored posts are one of the easiest ways of making money with your blog if you have a targeted audience.

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4. Sell Your Own Products

I will show you two Nigerians who do this.

Abass Toriola is the owner of A blog that focuses on how to make money online. If you visit his blog, you’ll see EBooks that he sells.

Jide Ogunsanya is the owner of Ogbongeblog. Imagine he was selling his blogger template for N10k and people were actually buying it.

A lot of bloggers are making it big from selling a digital or physical product to their readers.

If you are able to build trust among your readers with your content, you can proceed to sell them premium contents in any form: E-books, online courses, Video tutorials, podcast or even physical products that are related to your niche.

5. Sell other people’s product

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money blogging.

In this method, you sell a person’s/company’s product and you earn a commission for every sale. There is always a product to promote in whatever niche you are. Ranging from health to entertainment.

If you have problem finding affiliate programs for your niche, here is the solution.

Move over to Google search. In the search box enter a plus sign, followed by your niche, another plus sign, and then affiliate. For example, if you are in the health niche, here is what I mean:


Then click the search button. It will bring results of sites that offer affiliate programs related to the health niche. You can do this for any niche at all.

Health Affiliate SERP

Hope that helped you out.

6. Rent your Email subscribers List

I can’t stress the importance of a mailing list to your blogging business. If you have a good subscriber base, you can rent it out by offering or even testing products for sale from companies to your mailing list and getting paid for it.

To expert bloggers, their mailing list is the lifeblood of their business. It is always advisable to build your mailing list right from the day you start your blog. It can become a goldmine of income for your blog.

7. Coaching, Training and Consultation Services

This is really a good way to make money blogging.

I even see many Nigerian bloggers charge N20k to coach other people just on Whatsapp or in a closed group on Facebook.

Promise Excel of Maverick Excel uses this method to make money through blogging.

You can offer consultation services for your readers who wish to have personalized services ranging from niche related questions, blog issues and solutions, etc.

You can charge them hourly, daily or monthly as you wish. But remember to build credibility and trust among your readers before venturing into the service.

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8. Ads Monetization

This is where ads publishers like Google AdSense, Infolinks, Propeller Ads, etc. come in. It is one of the easiest ways to make money blogging.

Many bloggers use especially Google AdSense because it is a high paying platform for bloggers to monetize their blog. But as a beginner, don’t depend too much on it.

Their approval process, especially for AdSense, is quite tedious but if you get their approval, build your traffic and implement ads, you’ll make money.

9. Speaking Gigs

You can be an expert in your niche to the extent that you’re invited to speak at a conference or seminar where other professionals who are willing to learn gather. Of course, it is very lucrative.

Develop expertise in your niche and you’ll stand a chance of being called upon someday to share your knowledge for the benefits of others but with a hefty pay.

10. Selling Ads space

Selling ads space is another way to make money blogging. As a beginner, this method should come into your mind when you have enough traffic.

People want bloggers who will promote their business for them.

You can sell advertising space on your blog to those who are interested in attracting more customers to their businesses or who want to build a brand or create awareness of a specific program.

In this method, you generate leads for them while you charge them monthly, weekly or per lead.

11. Organizing Seminars or Webinars Teaching People How to Make Money Online

Have you ever heard of a man named John Chow? He’s a very popular internet marketer and blogger that makes money by teaching people how to make money online.


Don’t ever underestimate the power of blogging.

Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income just released his June 2017 income report to be $184,094.67.

Do you even know that the African richest blogger Linda Ikeji makes more than 50 million Naira in a month?

Some people say “Blogging can’t give me the amount of money I want”

Then which type of money do they want. Blogging is like every other business. Some bloggers are richer than politicians, Doctors, engineers and scientists.

If you’ve not started making money blogging, read this post on how to get serious about blogging.

To create your blog use Namecheap for your domain name and Bluehost or Siteground for web hosting then install WordPress.

The best advice I will give to any blogger is “Don’t Quit”. Just do it the smart way.


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