5 Ways To Advertise Your Business in 2023

Starting a business is one thing, but making a business go viral is another thing. Many entrepreneurs think that after starting a business, that’s where it ends. But I have to be frank with you. You must advertise your business before it can reach the height you want it to reach.

Even today, big brands are still spending a huge amount of money on adverts.

Facebook is still advertising on google. Jumia is still spending millions of Naira to Facebook ads and AdWords. You shouldn’t be left behind.

The more people you reach with information about what you do, the more clients you get (it’s a two-way traffic).

Coming up with clear words or pictures that convey a clear message of what you do can really boost your business activity.

Entrepreneurs are usually caught up with choosing an effective way to advertise their business and not spending heavily on adverts.

The essence of this post is to show you the effective ways to advertise your business even if you have a low-budget.

Advertise Your Business

1. Advertise Your Business through Websites/Blogs

Since the dawn of the 21st century, the number of blogs has risen significantly. As this number grows, so does the number of visitors and readers to these blogs.

Advertising your business on a blog with a niche related to what you do and also with a steady flow of traffic is a good way to get new clients and attract people to what you do.

Advertising your business through blogs can be done in these ways

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This method of advertising your business is becoming popular. In this method, you look out for blogs that are related to your business niche and publish your articles or review your products which will contain links back to your business website or blog, Email, Phone numbers and addresses to your business location. This helps to improve your business online presence. This method will definitely cost you few bucks.

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Guest Posts

A lot of entrepreneurs prefer to go with this method because it’s free. But the truth is; guest posting is very stressful. You will definitely spend a lot of time writing articles.

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In this method, you make use of pictures to promote your business. If you want to use this method, you have to design the picture which depicts your message, business or product then send it to the editor of your preferred blog or magazine. This will definitely cost you some bucks.

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2. Self-Promotion

You may have done this for some time now but applying these strategies to advertise your business will yield more results.

Build a profile on Social media

Posting selfies on social media are fun, but letting people know what you go through your social media profile is one of the cheapest and effective ways to advertise what you do.

There might be prospective clients on your friend list but they’ll never know what you do if you fail to speak up.

Promise Excel said in one of his Facebook posts

“I get at least 5 leads and 1 paying clients for every Facebook post I make”

Promoting your business and products through your social media profile can also help you get leads and land paying clients.

However, this can only work for you if you post things that add value to your friends/followers on social media.

Speak To Everyone

You never know who might be needing your service, therefore, seize the opportunity to talk to everyone you meet about what you do and also encourage them to spread the word.

A business card works Perfectly

Yes! It works perfectly. Design a business card which will contain your name, Business name, business address, Phone number and Email address.

Business Card

Anywhere you go, give out your business card. When you sell products or render services to your customers, give them your business card. This will make them return to buy your product or service again in the future.

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3. Facebook Adverts

Do you know that 20% of the world’s population is on Facebook?

Facebook Ads and its method of delivery make it easier for you to select a target audience for your ads.

Ads result can be easily tracked too while there are also options to cancel if ads are not delivered. 

Over the years, Facebook ads have proven to be cost-effective and productive.

Take a look at Jumia’s Facebook ads. They have run ads constantly and have made a lot of sales. They are now the number 1 e-commerce company in Nigeria

Jumia FB ad
I have been seeing Jumia Facebook ad for more than 2 years now

You have to create a Facebook page for your business for you to advertise on Facebook.

4. Influencer Advertising

For every field of Endeavour, there are renowned experts with an already established audience that you can tap into. 

Getting them to advertise your business can be very hard to do, but you can achieve this by building a mutual relationship with them. You can do them another favour in exchange for their single tweet or post about you.

Even if it would mean paying them some money, it can be really worth it.

Where to get Influencers

Use these tools to reach out to influencers to promote your business

These tools are paid tools but it’s worth it.

5. Advertise Your Business By Organising a Public Event

This is self-made platform involving a gathering of prospective clients in your locale to know about what you do. 

You need to have a valuable information or gift to give out in other to make an impression on those that will attend. 

This form of advertising yields little fruits at the early stages but plenty of fruits when people get to know that you are real. 

It becomes even more interesting as you could generate money from the event as time goes on. 


When one starts a business, he joins the competition. So many people are doing the same business you are doing and have gone farther than you. The only way to grow your business and win your competitors is to apply any effective means to advertise your business. I just shared some of them here. Try them and increase leads and sales.


Which of these methods are you currently using to advertise your business? If you have tried all of them, which one worked perfectly for you. Share with us in the comment section below.

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