How to Start a Barbecue Business in Nigeria (with a low budget)

It’s obvious that there are a lot of Nigerians that love meat. That’s why Barbecue Business is a lucrative business idea for you

It’s very sweet and enjoyable. You can’t deny that.

Barbecue business, sometimes pronounced as ‘bbq’ business is one the most lucrative business ideas to start with minimal capital in Nigeria.

Do you want to start a Barbecue business in Nigeria?

It is very important that you know about crucial requirements and also tips to start and run the business profitably.

Hang out at any town in Nigeria and most likely you will find one or two ‘bbq joints’ around your location. I know you’ve probably been a regular patronizer of the appetising product and maybe you have the intention of setting one up.

Let me tell you that the barbecue business is a very profitable and easy-to-run business if you know these little details and secrets which I’m going to reveal to you below.

But before I begin, I want to let you know that for you to succeed in any business endeavour, you need a well-laid-out plan or strategy.

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Alright, let’s go back to our main topic, starting a barbecue business in Nigeria. You’ll be provided with information on the requirements of starting the business as well as tips that would help you succeed in the business.

Requirements for Starting a Barbecue Business in Nigeria

barbecue business

There are things you will need if you want to start a barbecue business in Nigeria. Some of them you might need when starting out while some you can buy later as the business is up and running. So below are the lists of requirements you will need to run a profitable barbecue business in Nigeria.

1. A Strategic Location

The Importance of a good location for your business cannot be overemphasised. In the case of a fish barbecue business in nigeria, you need an ideal location preferably a location that has a good population and probably close to people’s houses and shops.

Starting a roadside bbq stand is the best choice. This is to ensure that passersby can spot your bbq stand easily because they also make a good proportion of your customers.

2. Supply of the product

You need to know where you can get the products at a fair price.

It could be ram meat, goat meat, cow meat but whatever type it is, you need to have a good supply of the product so you can prepare them in time to avoid disappointing potential customers.

3. Good Lighting

Not necessarily an electric bulb but a bright gas lamp can do the job. Not many Suya joints have electricity but their joints are properly lighted. The reason is that many of your patronizers love buying Suya at night than in the daytime.

4. Grill equipment

You need to also have your grill equipment ready whether modern or traditional grill equipment. If it’s the modern grill, you will definitely need electricity but the most popular one in Nigeria is the wood charcoal grill.

You need to also put this into consideration when starting your barbecue business in Nigeria.

5. Preparation tools

You need to have the tools that you use for preparing the Suya. Most importantly a machete for butchering the meats, a knife for serving customers, pepper for garnishing it, garbage, salts, groundnut oil, all this you will need when starting out.

Those are the most basic requirements you can’t do without if you’re planning to start a barbecue business in Nigeria. Now, what are the tips that will help you run the business profitably and successfully?

Tips To Run a Profitable Barbecue Business in Nigeria

The following tips would help you run a profitable barbecue business in Nigeria:

1. Come up with a good Business name

This is the starting point.

You need to give your business an outstanding name that people can remember.

Read this post on how to choose a business name with ease.

2. Make Your Barbecue Taste Exceptional

Give your customers a solid reason why they should patronise your business over others littered around.

In this case, if you have a great taste, most likely you will retain your customers who will keep patronising you. Try to make your taste better whether it is chicken, ram, or goat, just make it great.

3. Be Friendly and Generous To your Customer at All Times

Friendliness has a way of paying you back. The friendlier you are with your customers, the more they stick to your business than your competitor.

Make your customers happy by giving them extra quantities and you’ve just won their patronage. This is a very powerful secret in this business.

4. Decency has a role to play

A customer would not love to patronise you if your business premises are highly unkempt or stinky.

Ensure your business surroundings are kept tidy always to avoid embarrassing your customers.

5. Packaging

barbecue business
Metal Foil
Barbecue business
Rubber food container: Source

What do you think makes Indomie the most eaten noodle in Nigeria? It’s as a result of their packaging.

A lot of barbecue business owners serve with waterproof. I won’t encourage you to do that.

Serve your meat with foils or take away rubber food containers.

6. Take it online

I believe that any business that is operated offline can also be operated online.

Almost every food can be ordered online. So your barbecue business should not be left behind.

Create social media profiles and advertise your business to people who really need it.

social media

Blogging cannot be left behind because it has been proven to be almost the best ways to market your products.

All you have to do is to create a blog using Namecheap for your domain registration and Siteground or Bluehost as your web host then install WordPress.

Create blog posts that really draw traffic and also invest in Search Engine Optimisation.

These are one of the ways to make your barbecue business to become popular on the internet.


You can grow big in your barbecue business. Many people started this business on the street and grew it to become a company.

To make it more professional, you rent a shop where your customers can relax and enjoy your product.


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