6 Ways to Get Serious About Blogging as a Newbie

Many bloggers out there wants to take their blogging career to the next level but they don’t really know what it means to get serious about blogging. It’s not all about creating a blog or launching it the best way, the most important thing is being a serious and a committed blogger.

Serious About Blogging

Many bloggers will tell you how they make $1000 in a week without telling you how long it took them before they landed their first income online. And guess what? They create such posts just to convince you to buy their eBook or any of their products. However, don’t be mesmerized by such catchy post title. The only way to make money from your blog is being serious about blogging, committed and give your blog time to grow. Don’t fold your hands and expect to make passive income from blogging.

However, in this post, I will show you 6 ways you can get serious with blogging so that you can consistently start making money.


  1. Getting  a Personal Computer Is a Starting Point

Whether you like it or not, this is the starting point of every successful blogger. I think by now, you should be tired of using the cyber café where you spend lots of money in a week. When I started blogging, I knew how much I spent in the café and wouldn’t like you to spend the same amount. Having a personal computer can help you

  • Blog at any time
  • Promote your contents more easily
  • Build back links
  • Respond to your visitor’s comments and so on.


  1. You Need A Steady Internet Connection

After getting your laptop or desktop, the next thing is to get a device that can connect you to the internet. Getting a modem only cost around N3000 which is less than money spent in the cyber café in a week. After getting this, you have no need to stress yourself going to the cyber café again.

The only money you will spend is recharging your modem or phone (Tethering and Portable Hotspot). Getting a bundle that is enough for your online business should be around N2000 in a month depending on your network.

So don’t panic or worry about spending N2000 a month or N24000 in a year.



  1. Steady Electricity Matters A Lot

It sounds funny but it’s very important to blogging. You need steady electricity for you to blog constantly. Imagine having a laptop and a modem without electricity to charge your laptop, it’s going to slow you down.

I lived in a place where charging my laptop was so difficult. I knew how long it would take me to write one post or check my blog due to this and it decelerated the growth of my blog.

To solve the problem of no or less electricity, get a good and long-lasting battery for your laptop and buy a power bank.

  1. Post Often: At least 2-10 articles per week

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So many bloggers especially newbies have neglected this blogging strategy. Their mentality is always to create a blog and start making money as soon as possible with little or no contents on their blog.

What do you expect your visitors to do when they find out that your latest post was written on August 2016 while we are on 2017? They will probably go and will never come back again.

Let’s do an experiment with Linda Ikejis blog. She gets more than 1 million visitors in a month. Assuming she didn’t post any article on her blog for one week, guess what will happen. Her page views will definitely reduce. She discovered this principle so early and that’s why she posts more than 30 news articles in a day.

This is why you have to create a content calendar for your blog. This content calendar will contain posts titles and time posted. Most successful bloggers post at least 3 times in a week. Applying this method can help keep your blog updated; increase your traffic and your blog rank on the internet.

If you are a news blogger, you should know that you need to provide the latest news to your visitors just like Linda Ikeji does, posting more than 5 news articles in a day can be good for you.

  1. Know Your niche back and forth

To get serious with blogging, you must be clear of the niche you’re into and should not post unrelated contents on your blog. So many bloggers are confused about choosing the right niche for themselves and this has made them be Jack of all trade.

Don’t try to be an all-around blogger. Blogging on the spheres of life can make you be a master of no niche and such bloggers find it difficult to make money from blogging.

  1. Spend More time Promoting Your Content

Blogging is more than just posting articles. What is blogging when no one reads those articles that you’ve posted?

You might have heard that “Content is King” but presently I don’t agree with that. Traffic is more important than content. Do you know why?

You may be the best writer, it doesn’t matter in blogging. Maybe you can write articles that can make people laugh, cry or take action. But what if after all your work and nobody reads them, and then you lose.

Don’t expect to amass visitors when you are not ready to find them. This is the most problem found among newbies. They post an article and they relax expecting 5000 page views in the next 24 hours. But the truth is that people can never see your post when you don’t take action – PROMOTION.

There are so many platforms out there where you can get people to visit and read contents in your blog. You can get traffic from search engines, social media, Forums, Direct traffic and other sources.

There are more than 200 search engines in the world. Submit your website URL and index all your posts to make your posts visible in search engine results. You can do this by going to their webmaster tools to index your blog. You can click the links below to index your blog.

Google Search Console

Bing Webmasters

Yandex Webmasters

Create a Facebook Fan page, Twitter Handle, Instagram page, Pinterest, Google plus page and other social media profiles, then promote your content to your followers.

Forums are also a very powerful tool to get visitors to your blog. Joining forums like Warrior Forum, Nairaland can help boost your page views.


Wrapping Up

Only serious bloggers make passive income from blogging. If you’ve not started making money yet from blogging it simply shows you are not seriously committed to blogging. I just showed you what serious bloggers do that made their blog to be known on the internet. Although it’s not going to be easy for you, but give it time, you will see how the strategy works.


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Feel free to comment your questions below if you are experiencing difficulty in your blogging career




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