If you’ve constantly been thinking about how to make money online from home, you’re reading the right article.

But wait.

This content is not a fast way of making money online from home.

If you plan to pay debts or buy a car in the next two weeks, this article won’t help you.

But if you’re ready to make money online from home and you’re patient enough, then continue reading.

However, making money online from home is not as difficult as people think. Due to this misconception, many entrepreneurs have the mindset that they have to be matured in their business; probably for 1-2 years before they can start making money online.

In other words, they are some people who started making passive income from their online business within four months.

Now, what’s the secret?

Those who started making money after one or two years of online business probably have no skill or services to offer and because of that, it took them one or two years to build a skill.

Those who started making money within a few weeks are sure of themselves. They know the skills and services they can offer to people and utilized the opportunity to make money online from home.

If you really have a passion for online business and ready to start making money online from home, this article will show you 5 things you can do to make money online.

make money online from home


1. Create and Sell Blogs

Do you know how to create a blog?

Then this is an opportunity for you to make money online from home.

Ramsey of Blog Tyrant testified how he created a blog and sold it for $20,000.

 Isn’t that cool?

Creating a blog is very easy these days and won’t cost you much.

If you don’t have the resources to create multiples blogs, no problem.

You can go for a free blogging platform and then export to a self-hosted blogging platform before selling.

Do you know how to sell your blog?

The amount you will charge for selling a blog depends on

  • The amount of traffic you receive in your blog
  • The amount of money the blog makes per month
  • The amount spent in purchasing a domain, hosting and email marketing.

After considering these factors, map out the amount you want to sell the blog which should be negotiable. Go to Fiverr.com or any other platform and sell your blog.

2. Create and sell eBooks

You can make money online from home by creating and selling eBooks. Many bloggers like Abass Toriola (www.webincomeplus.com) are really making it big from selling eBooks.

The truth about making money from eBooks is that it is continuous. You can keep selling it even in the next 5 years as far as it solves people’s problems.

But the question is: Why do entrepreneurs find it difficult to sell eBooks?

This is because many writers don’t write on what’s on-demand.

 A writer should be able to write on what people want and willing to pay for by all means.

HINT: In this time of unemployment. You will make much money if you write eBooks on

  • Getting a job
  • Starting a business and
  • Investing

In other words, you can check around you and know the problems people are facing. Write an eBook on those subjects.

3. Become a designer

Do you have a designing skill? Then you can make money online. I will stress two designing skills people are in need of.

Web Design:  More than ten thousand websites are created every day. So you won’t run out of income. When websites are created, it looks unorganized and scattered.

Therefore the services of a web designer are needed to make a website look professional and attractive by adding good looking templates, plugins, banners, widgets and customized tabs.

Graphic Design: The best part of this type of design is that you make money both online and offline.

This type of designer create logos, infographics which are useful in blog posts, edit images and also create banners for blog headers and adverts.

4. Vlogging

Video Blogging or Vlogging has become a powerful way to make money online from home. Are you a powerful public speaker and can teach people new things? Then vlogging is the best choice for you.

To get started with vlogging, you need

  • A camera for recording
  • A microphone
  • Video editing software like Photoshop, Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects.

Once you have this equipment, you are good to go. Choose the best niche and start creating original videos on them.

You can start making money with your videos by selling them through your blog or through YouTube when approved by Google AdSense.

How about Patreon

I recently discovered this platform and I found out that many YouTubers are using it to fund their content.

Patreon will help you make money from your YouTube channel if you provide quality contents on your channel.

5. Become an Affiliate Marketer

An affiliate marketer is an online salesperson who promotes products in exchange for a commission.

Check Pat Flynn’s income report and discover that most of his income comes from Bluehost and other companies.

“What you need is the ability to sell”

That’s the most important thing in affiliate marketing. If you can convince people to buy a product that can be beneficial to them, then you can make more money


  • You need a blog: Although you can promote products through social media or forums, I will always recommend creating a niche blog. This can help you gain a loyal audience who are willing to buy products through your links.
  • Chose a product: Choose a particular product that you want to promote which is related to your niche blog. The worst mistakes many online entrepreneurs make are trying to promote many products in one blog.
  • Build Trust: Since you are promoting a product, you need to be trusted. The best way to build this trust is to make sure you use a product before the promotion


There are lots of platforms that allow you to promote their products and get paid: Amazon, eBay, Commission Junction, Apple, and Aliexpress etc.



Online entrepreneurs can make money by using Google AdSense on their blog, YouTube channel or App. The only problem with this type of platform is that you need lots of traffic on your blog.



Don’t try to do all just for the sake of making money online from home. Choose the ones that keep you comfortable and gives you peace of mind. If you’ve tried these tips and not making money yet, give it time and consistency.

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