How to Improve your E-commerce Marketing Strategy

how to improve your e-commerce marketing strategy

It’s easier than ever to sell your products and services online. And a lot of owners are jumping on the e-commerce bandwagon. There are over 7 1 million online stores across the globe. Almost two million of them are from the United States. These are a mix of brick and mortar enterprises that bring their products to online customers and fully-online enterprises. 

There’s no denying the popularity of online businesses. It has a variety of advantages like:

  • Creating a storefront with ease — Compared to brick-and-mortar business launches, getting an online storefront off the ground is a piece of cake. Once you have the capital, business bank accounts, and government approvals you need, you can start selling your products online within a few hours to a day. This is because websites like Shopify, Squarespace and Wix all offer design templates, easy payment and shipping options, and simple product addition and editing features.
  • Shoppers start online — Most customers start their product journey by searching for them online. If you’re at the top of their search results, you’re sure to be at the top of their mind as well.
  • Easy access to customer insights — What’s great about e-commerce platforms is that they offer dashboards that let you collect, track, and analyze your customers’ behaviour and demographic data as they interact with your store. You can then use this data for your marketing strategy.

Although online selling offers a variety of benefits, some business owners still struggle to grow. There are a lot of factors for this. One of the most significant ones is failing to market their products and brand properly.

If you find it hard to attract and retain online customers, learn how to improve your e-commerce marketing strategy

how to improve your e-commerce marketing strategy

Build Trust With Testimonials

People trust online reviews as much as they trust friend and family recommendations. If your objective is to build your customers’ confidence in your brand, testimonials are the way to go.

Check your online reviews from sites like Yelp. Contact your repeat customers and ask them for a few words as to why they continue to buy your products.

Feature these pieces of feedback on your homepage, so potential customers immediately see them and realize that they’re definitely in the right place.

Impress Customers With High-Quality Product Images

First impressions are everything, even in e-commerce. Apart from jazzing up your website, you also need to improve your product photo quality.

This is because your customers perceive your product’s quality based on how it looks in photos.

After all, your visitors can’t physically inspect the product unless they make a purchase. You want your customers to see every characteristic of your products in sharp detail — even if they zoom in.

It’s worth investing in product photography services if it means you’ll increase your chances of improving your sales.

Put Mobile First 

Over 8 percent of American adults own a smartphone, and globally, there are more than 6.5 billion smartphone subscriptions.  Apart from using it for social media, they also use their phones for searching for products and services online.

You don’t want them to land on your online store and see a clunky mess of elements and photos on their phone screen. When this happens, it means your site needs to be more responsive.

Responsive website design involves updating your site’s code and elements so that it adapts to fit any screen, from large TVs to five-inch smartphone displays. 

When it comes to e-commerce marketing, you’ve probably got the basics, like SEO and social media, covered.

These are different but effective methods on how to improve your e-commerce marketing strategy. With high-quality product images, a mobile-first site, and a homepage with customer testimonials, you’ll get a better chance of converting your casual visitors into loyal customers. 

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