How to Find Marketers to Promote your Business Quickly

One of the biggest fear and nightmare of business owners today are being pushed out of business by a competitor. This is why it’s important for all entrepreneurs to know how to find marketers to promote their businesses.

Entrepreneurs who know the importance of marketing a business will always do better than their competitors who don’t know.

Marketing helps to promote your business to your targeted audience and provide you with good leads and sales.

Hence, not minding the kind of business you run, marketing is an important aspect of growing a brand.

Also, knowing how to find marketers to promote a business is vital for business success.

So if I may ask, what kind of business do you operate? Is it an Online or a business with a physical location?

Whichever way it is, you need to market your products and services to make your money.

Also, the demand for marketers varies according to business industries.

That is to say, you can’t employ a marketer who promotes cocoa for tea production to also promote the advertising campaign of a company to get leads and sales.

I earlier worked in an advertising and marketing firm where I discovered the important roles marketers play in promoting a brand, collecting leads and converting them to sales.

find marketers to promote your business

Hence, don’t just desperately pick marketers for marketing sake; the ability to take productive decisions is one of the 20 hidden characteristics of an entrepreneur.

However, here are some factors to check when choosing the right marketers to promote your business.

6 Factors to determine the right marketers to choose in promoting your business

Here are 6 important factors business personnel and executives must consider when choosing a marketer to promote their business.

  1. Go for marketers with a strong level of interest and passion in your business niche. That is to say, if you sell cosmetics, look for marketers who love cosmetics and get them to promote your business.
  2. Watch out for optimistic marketers, positively minded marketers hardly get a bad day and succeed in getting more sales.
  3. Choose marketers that are willing to learn new strategies and take instructions for improvement.
  4. Paying attention to details is one metric to consider when choosing a marketer, check how sensitive a marketer is to details?
  5. Less offensive marketers are likely to convert more sales even in the midst of rude customers.
  6. The time management ability of a marketer must be taken into consideration because, in the business world, time is money.


11 Reasons why you need marketers to promote your business

  1. Marketers help to increase sales and profits in a business.
  2. They contribute massively to build brand awareness for your business.
  3. Businesses with marketers generate more quality leads than their counterparts.
  4. Good marketing keeps your business registered in the heart of prospects and customers. For instance, when you need a bottle of soft drink you will likely remember Coca-cola.
  5. Customers will trust you more when they know your business has a marketing team.
  6. Having marketers in your business is a good way of engaging favourable with customers online and on-ground.
  7. It helps to build and maintain a good reputation and quality relationships between businesses and customers.
  8. Marketers bring reports on how customers react to products and service which helps companies make better product and service improvement.
  9. Quality decisions can be taken with a good marketing team in place.
  10. Marketers help businesses to move products and services from one place to another thereby saving transportation cost.
  11. Your business will stay relevant and active with marketers fully at work.

A good marketer is capable of selling any product or service; they can sell both physical products and sell digital products online to make money.


9 Proven ways to find marketers to promote your business

Here are 9 proven ways to find marketers to promote your business successfully

  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a very organized social space where you can connect with various professionals and experts.

You can keep in touch with people you know, share ideas, build a career and get job opportunities from various business fields.

It’s a very good platform where you can check out the profiles of high individuals and easily connect to work with someone of your choice.

There are lots of professional marketers on LinkedIn for various business niches, you can connect and hire a marketer to promote your business at LinkedIn.

Feel free to manually search for professional marketers on LinkedIn or create an awareness post stating your job description and demand for marketers.


  1. Create awareness with fliers, signboards and banners

You can create attention by printing fliers, placing signboards and banners at strategic locations. This strategy still works perfectly today.

Hence, put in your descriptions stating the kind of marketers you want with your contact number and email attached.

This is still an effective way of getting marketers today; I personally pay attention to signboards and banners and am sure many other people do.

People still respond to fliers and look at banners and postal boards today.

Therefore, print fliers, use banners and signboards to get your marketing team.


  1. Tell your friends, colleagues and neighbours, just share it around your circle

Don’t forget to let your friends, colleagues and neighbours know you need marketers. Tell your circle.

The right marketer for your business might just be next door to you. So share it among your circle.

Also, even if they aren’t marketers themselves, they could link the right marketer to you for free

Many professional marketers have friends and family, you just can’t tell the outcome when you share it around, you might get the right person for the job.

I have gotten lots of connections this way and I can tell you it works perfectly.


  1. Utilize free social media channels

Social media is not just meant for fun or chatting with friends, you can actually leverage social media to grow your business.

Hence, it’s important for your business to have a social media channel.

This is another opportunity to place demand for qualified marketers with ease on your various social media platforms.

It could be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Quora or any social space you engage in, just use the social space.

The internet is wide open; just ensure to put down your description and you will surely find good marketers to promote your business.


  1. Run Ads to attract promoters

Do you have a set budget to get what you want quickly with your money working for you, while you carry on with other aspects of your business? If yes then run ads.

Ads well managed and targeted could bring in amazing results.

Therefore, create a well-designed eye-catching and attention-grabbing image, a good graphic designer could help you design an effective ads banner.

Also, ensure to put the description of your marketing needs to win the right marketers and save you the stress of selecting the right ones.

Keep your advertising specific and targeted and you will surely get a good result.


  1. Use your business blog or website

As an entrepreneur, it’s important to build a blog or website for your business.

A blog is valuable for many purposes; it can be used to reach out to your audience at any time.

You can write a blog post promoting your demand for marketers and encourage your audience to share it.

Also, create a section that prompts qualified marketers to join your marketing team. For instance, “Are you a marketing expert? If yes, join our marketing team”

Therefore if you run a business without a website or a blog, I advise you to create one today.

Don’t get lost in the race, your online audience needs you, your marketing team awaits you.


  1. Conduct a marketing contest for instant job offer, pick the right ones

A contest will make you get talented people quickly without having to stress yourself out.

Therefore, if you also want to build a lasting marketing team, try setting up a marketing contest.

This strategy also works in getting the right kind of marketers. Organize a contest and pick the best class of marketers.

Study the qualities you need in them on your marketing demands and pick those who fit in to your business goals.

For instance, marketers used in skincare are always those with good looking skin and nice looks to pass a message that such a company product works.


  1. Use Upwork, Fiverr, Contently and many others

Is your business an online business with needs for content marketing? Then consider Fiverr, Upwork and Contently e.t.c.

There are lots of freelance marketing services you can hire on Fiveer, Upwork, Contently and many more, feel free to try them out.

Therefore, if you run a business with a need for content marketing why not try contently which is an expert platform for content marketing.

Keeping your marketing description as clear as possible will be an added advantage in attracting the right marketing experts.

Later in this guide, we will check out some marketing experts with successful results.


  1. Outsource to marketing agencies

Marketing agencies could help you get marketers to promote your business at a fee.

Hence, you can contact them to meet your demand for marketers.

This could be a good way of getting marketers to promote your business when you are too busy to work on getting them yourself.

There are many registered agencies out to offer such services.

Why not outsource your demand for marketers to them and carry on with other important aspects of your business.

This will save you the time, energy and workload of personally finding marketers yourself.


Few examples of successful marketers you can model their strategies today

Let’s talk about a few marketing experts among many to cap it all.

  1. Seth Godin

Seth Godin is a marketing expert, entrepreneur, best-selling author and speaker.

He is a marketing legend and award-winning marketer focused on effective marketing and leadership.

His marketing principles have been able to inspire and change the lives of many around the world who connects to him.

Not listing many of his winning here, in May 2018 Seth Godin was inducted into the Marketing Hall of Fame.


  1. Rank Fishkin

Have you heard of the popular MOZ tool? Moz is one of the most valuable online marketing tools for search engines.

Rand Fishkin is the CEO and Co-Founder of SEO Moz, a leader in the field of search engine optimization tools, resources & community

Moz is a highly successful software business used by millions of online marketers today.

 In 2009, he was named among the 30 Best Young Tech Entrepreneurs under 30 by Business-Week and has been written about in the Seattle Times, Newsweek and the New York Times among others.

Moz has become a very important marketing tool for search engine users in various marketing need.


  1. Neil Patel

Neil Patel is an SEO expert, You-Tuber and one of the most successful marketers today.

He launched a tool called UberSuggest that helps web owners optimize their sites for search engines and a revolutionary in the world of marketing.

He is a marketing expert who knows how to convert cold prospects into happy customers with his personalized marketing skills.

  1. Larry Kim

You can’t talk about Mobile Monkey without knowing Larry Kim.

Larry Kim is the founder and VP for Marketing of Mobile Monkey known as the world’s best chat-bot marketing platform for marketing and customer support on Facebook Messenger, Web Chat, and SMS.

According to the mobile monkey, he’s been named Search Marketer of the Year from PPC Hero (2013, 2014, 2015, and 2017).

He is also a winner of the U.S search awards.


  1. Walt Disney

Walter Elias Disney was an American entrepreneur, animator, writer, voice actor and film producer.

Walt Disney is a world-leading producer and provider of entertainment and information. He is enlisted as one of the world most successful marketers who know how to sell his productions in the film industry.

As a pioneer of the American animation industry, he introduced several developments in the production of cartoons.

Therefore, Disney is seen as a successful film production marketer in the world.


  1. Steve Jobs

Let’s not end this list without adding this apple genius called Steve Jobs.

Jobs is one of the most talented and respected marketers that ever lived in the world of technology.

Steve Jobs is the brain behind the trillion-dollar Apple company today though passed away, his marketing skills are still deployed at Apple.

He does his marketing by creating unique and outstanding products that win the heart of prospects and customers.

Apple is one of the most valuable tech companies in the world and so is their marketing technique.



The world of marketing will never be underestimated in business even till the next 10 or 20 decade to come.

Marketers don’t just help to promote a business; they are also a key player in driving quality leads and sales to every company.

A good marketing team in place will help you get more customers to your business at ease.

Hence knowing how to get marketers to promote your business will help you relieve the stress, worry and workload of getting consistent sales.

Hope you got value reading this article? Kindly share with friends and loved ones.

Do you also have contributions to make? Share them with us in the comment sections.


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