Essential Training for Staff: Greetings and Communication

Essential Training for Staff


Warm Welcomes

If we take into account that the reception staff is in many cases the first person that a prospective client will speak to when contacting a company that the client may want to do business with, it is vital that this employee makes a good first impression, even in answering calls.

But rather than just hoping that the people we employ as receptionists at our US firm are naturally polite and professional when conversing with customers as part of their job, it would be better to ensure that we provide the staff with proper training such as regular workshops.

Indeed, most company owners who wish to learn more about effective training programmes to provide their reception staff will look at websites for useful tips.

By being prepared to do some research on ways to train our reception employees, we should be able to ensure the first point of contact between the staff and our customers is a positive one.

Of course, company bosses planning to use the services of a firm providing the very best in virtual reception staff for US-based businesses will want to ensure the staff he is allocated are able to not only do well when first speaking with clients, but are also able to retain these valued customers.

Anyone who knows the basics of effective sales techniques will be aware of how it is often easy to get potential customers to like us if we are prepared to keep smiling at them.


A Great Start

We do not need to be an expert in business to appreciate the need to get on well with someone if we are hoping to form some kind of business-related relationship.

Indeed, some of the more professional suppliers of virtual assistants to a wide range of industries will make sure all their reception staff are able to get off to a flying start when dealing with existing or new customers of the company they will be representing. Needless to say, bosses who take the time to look at the website, should be able to find a solution to their current situation regarding reception staff.

Of course, firms who have failed to find properly trained and suitably experienced receptionists to greet their customers and deal with some of the more common issues that occur in different types of business sectors are bound not to be left wanting after getting in contact with the above firm.

One thing that should be discussed with our reception staff who will primarily communicate with clients over the phone is that they will need to make up for a lack of friendly gestures commonly used by professional receptionists when welcoming visitors to the premises.


Proper Training

Some of the points covered whilst attending a reception staff training programme can be seen below:

  1. The need to be honest with customers
  2. Always greet customers with a smile
  3. Give customers your undivided attention
  4. Be positive and cheerful at all times
  5. Ensure to adhere to proper telephone etiquette


The last thing anyone new to reception work would want to happen is for them to upset one or a number of potential or long-term customers of the firm they have been employed by. Of course, one effective way to avoid this undesirable situation would be to ensure we get the right training either before we start our job or as part of on-the-job training.

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