My experience with a bad freelance client (Time and Money Wasted)

You want to hear my story about how bad it was to work with a bad freelance client

After working my ass off, I was finally ditched.  I spent a lot of money to make sure I make this money, but it turned out to be a scam.

Bad freelance client
Anyaogu Ikechukwu

It was on a Monday morning. I work up very early and went straight to my computer.

As a freelancer, it’s a regular thing to check your freelancing platform to check the latest job posts. I log on to freelancer and I saw

“Article writers needed”

Without wasting time, I applied immediately.

In fact, I was among the top five people that applied for the job.

I knew I was going to get the job because the employer didn’t just need one, rather he wants many.

However, after 24 hours, I received a message from him.

“Hello Ikechukwu, your profile looks good to me. Here is my Skype ID live:m********s. Let’s discuss this project on Skype”.

I thought about it and I accepted to chat with him on Skype. Just wanted to bypass freelancer’s fee.

I opened my Skype and sent him a message. He replied to me with details of his project.

  • I found out he owns a company that outsources writing jobs i.e. he gets the writing work then gives it out
  • He said I will work 3 hours for 500 words; he will pay $15 per article

Wow, was a mouth-watering offer (I said on my mind). Converting to Nigerian Naira (NGN), I will earn 5000 Nigerian Naira every 3 hours. That means I would earn 25000 NGN per day.

My heart melted when he said he pays weekly ( I thought it’s going to be a monthly payment type of job.

He asked me “when do you want to start”

I replied “on Thursday”

It was not easy for me to start on Thursday. I have exams to take care of but the moment I remember that I could be a millionaire in 2 months, I just had to concentrate on the job (it didn’t affect my exams though)

The D-day is here. Thursday 8 am, am in front of my laptop ready to kick-off this work.

So, I opened my Skype, he was already online. I told him to send me a topic for my first article (since it’s a real-time work). Rather he sent me an agreement and I had to sign it without even considering how it will affect me.

Work just started.

5 articles per day aren’t bread and butter. He rushed the hell out of me. But, I was able to provide at least 2 articles per day.

You know the funny thing? I encountered a very deadly topic. I said deadly because I don’t think any writer could accept to write that. But I took the morale to tell him I can’t write on that because there isn’t any information online to help me write it.

On the 5th day, the sad news emerged. He ditched me after I wrote many articles that amount up to $130.

He never replied my chats on Skype. Last seen on Skype, “Days ago”. I tried giving him a call but I discovered he just blocked me.

I felt really bad.

Time, money and other resources wasted.

That was how I was scammed to do a hectic job and wasn’t paid.

“Life goes on,” I said to myself.

That was my experience with a bad freelance client


Here is what I learnt (and a lesson for you too)

  1. It’s always good to collect upfront before you start a job. Don’t forget to announce that you will give 100% money back guarantee.
  2. Keep your freelancing business on your preferred freelance platform. Platforms like Fiverr or People per hour do collect 20% of your earning. You shouldn’t worry about this because they have to eat too.
  3. Be very sure you are going to receive your money. Define your payments platform on time.

These are my lessons.

However, if you are already a freelancer or you are about to go into the business, you have to bear this in mind

“You are your own boss”

You charge people for the services or products you offer to them.

Don’t allow them to treat you as if you work for them.

You don’t work for them; you work with them to solve their own problem.

I remain Anyaogu Ikechukwu.

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