12 Ways to Become a Successful Entrepreneur (FAST)

You want to become a successful entrepreneur right?

It is the dream of almost every entrepreneur to grow their business into a corporate organization and stand out as the best in the market.

Becoming a successful entrepreneur clearly involves more than sending your products into the market and expecting huge profits in return for putting in a whole lot of money with little or no knowledge of how to manage it.

But before we jump right in

Who is an entrepreneur?

According to Wikipedia:

An entrepreneur is a person who starts, organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business than working as an employee.

An entrepreneur is simply the founder or boss of any business. This formula will help you understand better

Entrepreneur + Capital = Products + Customers = Business


The hard part of it

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is not easy and don’t expect to come so fast.

I know there are so many articles, online courses, and webinars that talk about how to start, run and start making money your business within 30 days or 3 months.

You may see such a catchy title expecting to become successful in your business overnight.

But here is the truth

Every successful entrepreneur today struggled before becoming popular. It took people like Yaro Starak, Pat Flynn, and Darren Rowse many months before they become renowned in the blogging industry.

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A lot of strategies need to be employed and in this article, we share 12 proven ways to be on top of your game

Successful entrepreneur

1.  Render the best quality

If you are providing a product or service to your clients, then let it be the very best you can deliver. Always bear in mind that the best output will attract the right clients and keep them glued to what you have to offer.

If you are working on a physical product, we’d recommend you to use the best equipment and ingredients available. If however, you’re providing a service such as freelance writing, work only when your output is maximal.
For example, if you discover that your articles are more productive when you write them at night than when you write during the day, you should then embrace writing at night.

Customers will unsubscribe from your service when there is a decline in the quality and I’m sure this is something you won’t be pleased with.

2. Package Properly

One of the secrets of every successful entrepreneur is the proper packaging of products.

The first step is to get a business name if you don’t have one and always use it as a label on any of your product or service.
Your product should always appear as the best to your customers, even when you haven’t reached the apex.

3. Always Leave Samples

Leaving samples of your work with a potential customer also increases your chances of getting more customers.

When the first client tastes and confirms the authenticity of your product, they could help you advertise it without you paying a dime for it.

4. Lower Prices to Make Quicker Sales

Sounds awkward right?

This strategy works especially when a lot of people are providing the same services that you do. It’s not actually a giveaway!

If removing $1 from the price of your service will reduce profit at the moment but increase sales, then do it. The quicker you sell the more people you reach with your work and the more profit you make.

Remember, you can still increase the prices once clients fall in love with your work.

If you can also afford a giveaway, then do that from time to time.

5. Keep the Customer Rule

The customer rule says:

“Customer is always right”

When customers complain of certain lapses in your product or services, even when there is none, do not take offence.

Instead, seek a way to meet their need as long as it doesn’t affect the quality of your services.

6. Always Be Prompt in Making Deliveries

No client would choose an untrustworthy salesman who delivers products later than when the customer demands it.

Fill in your clients need promptly. You can hire a salesman to help you do this.

You could also make provision for a customer care service so that your clients can easily table their complaints. That, in turn, tells you which area you should improve on.

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7. Make sure you are in contact with your clients

It is very bad if you are not in contact with your clients.

Some clients can buy your products without coming back. This is definitely not good for any entrepreneur who wants to become successful.

This is why your business should have an internet presence. With the power of social media and email marketing, you can reach out to your clients and make them come back to buy your products or services.

8. Make sure you have a business card

This method has been proven to be an efficient way to market your business

Every entrepreneur who wants to become successful must have a business card.

In fact, I call this an offline way of promoting your product or service and hence get more customers.

9. Allow others to help you

You cannot run that business on your own because no man is an island. Reach out to influencers and freelancers to help promote your business.

Platforms like Fiverr, Freelancer, and Upwork will help you find freelancers who will work for you and help promote your business.

10. Always Seek New Ways to Improve Your Business

Once you’ve captured your clients, always look for better ways to serve them better.

The world is evolving. So your business should also be updated with the latest trends.

Therefore, you have to work at incorporating the latest work ethics and procedures if you wish to keep your clients.

11. Make More Money

We cannot talk about becoming a successful entrepreneur if money-making is not involved.

In fact, this level must be reached before you become a successful entrepreneur.

12. Don’t quit learning

Your business will fail if you fail to learn. Many entrepreneurs think that the moment they start making money, then there is no need to embark on business education.

And guess what?

Your business will fail. You don’t know all about your business or niche, that’s why you have to sign up for courses, webinars or seminars that will change the shape of your business.

Platforms to continue your education

UDEMY: If you really want to take your business to the next level, then you wouldn’t mind purchasing courses. Udemy courses start from $5 which is not up to a cup of coffee.

LYNDA: This is another popular platform where you learn new skills or improve the one you’ve already acquired.

YOUTUBE: With this platform, you can access any video related to your business. It is totally free

SUBSCRIBE TO NEWSLETTERS: Newsletters is one of my favourite ways of learning new things. Through subscribing to many blog newsletters, I have been able to download lots of eBooks and Checklists about my business.

Wrapping It up

It’s actually going to take a lot of time to grow your business into a multi-million dollar company. Like I said earlier, you cannot emerge as the top in your industry without passing through hurdles.

Sometimes you will be stressed up. You will be tempted to quit your business.

These are signs that you are about to become successful.

There are thousands of self-made millionaire entrepreneurs who started small then skyrocketed. Study their lives and learn from them.


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